Pendragon Submissions

December's theme is "Radioactive." Submissions for the next month's issue are due by the 20th, so if you have creative offal that you want to contribute, send it in to facehole [at] pendragonzine [dot] us

If you want to promote something else you're doing, contribute content. 3-pages of content (which in text runs about 1500 words) is worth 1 page of promotion. Right now, there are no readers. Which means you can get in on the ground floor (wait, what?). And by ground floor, no one knows how bad this might be yet and we might manage to trick a few people into reading this thing before throwing a PDF across the room in disgust. The point is that if you're making offal, you're probably also making other things that shouldn't go here. And readers should know about those too.

One last thing. I don't want the rights to your work. That all remains yours to do with as you please. In formally submitting your work, you grant a non-exclusive license to me to include in, distribute, and promote this 'zine, which will run for minimal or no price (i.e. no goals of making this into a moneymaking endeavor - but maybe trying to cover expenses).