Pendragon: creative offal

Pendragon is a new electronic 'zine of creative offal. For those of you who remember what zines used to be, this is still going to be more-or-less that, but perhaps a little more grown up and contemporary. It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with Arthurian stories. Sorry. Not actually sorry.

What is creative offal? It means that this 'zine is a general creativity open-mic. This zine is for things that don't have homes. Things that one wouldn't necessarily submit to a reputable publication. Things that don't make sense. Experimental things that don't work (yet?). I say things specifically because a digital format supports a wide array of "things." Prose, poetry, illustrations, photographs, mashup graphics, fiction of whatever length (I think flash fiction fits this format particularly well), non-fiction, reviews, awesome tweets you found, games, and things that deserve to be collected somewhere.

The November issue is NOW LIVE. Click on the cover graphic or go to the "Archive" page to download it and others you may have missed.